Hygienist Services

Our knowledgeable Dental Hygienist team can assist you in maintaining good oral health with in surgery education and demonstration.  Every patient need is different and our Hygienists are excellent at listening and tailoring an oral Hygiene regime and treatment plan that is not only right for you but also achievable long term.

At the Minster Dental Centre our Hygienists are exceptionally good at dealing with implant maintenance, complex gum disease and nervous patients.  We routinely treat higher need patients.

Our hygienist team continually update their knowledge to keep up with advancements in all aspects of prevention based dentistry.

It is important to understand that it is not only the teeth and gums that can be affected by poor oral hygiene but that it can also contribute to serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis to name but a few.  Some medical conditions can be spotted in their early stages through the condition of the mouth.

A hygienist can see you to provide oral hygiene advice, remove stain, tartar, bacterial deposits and other debris. In relation to gums the hygienist can advise you on the progression of gum disease but more advanced conditions need to be assessed by a dentist, and the hygienist then continues the treatment under the prescription of the dentist.

Dental hygienists can’t diagnose or give the prognosis (likely outcome) of diseases such as decaying and broken teeth, or prescribe antibiotics, painkillers or any other drugs to alleviate symptoms.

Visits to hygienists are not a substitute for full dental examinations.

Every tooth matters!!

  • Thorough gum treatments from our highly experienced hygienist team
  • Oral Hygiene Regimes
  • Oral Hygiene Treatments
  • Cosmetic tooth cleaning from our advanced air polishing systems
  • Prevention Based Dentistry
  • Implant Maintenance

Private Fee Guide

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Direct Access

Direct access permits a patient to directly access the services of dental hygienists without a dentist prescription. At this practice this is a one off treatment and patients must join a payment plan and be assessed by a dentist before further treatment can be undertaken.

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