So, what is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post placed in the jawbone under the gum. It acts to replace the root of a natural tooth upon which a new prosthetic tooth or attachment can be placed. The advantage of dental implants over other treatment options is that they are better tolerated, probably because they feel the most natural. Also they transmit the chewing forces into the jawbone, therefore adding strength and support to your bite. Dental implants are the closest form to the natural dentition that science can offer.

Implants can be used in various ways, be it a single tooth replacement, supporting a full arch of new teeth or to help stabilise a loose, uncomfortable denture.

Not everybody is suitable for implants. For medical, anatomical or even financial reasons there are sometimes more appropriate alternatives to consider. Andrew’s approach is to look at the overall health of your mouth and figure out what is the best option for you, tailored to your individual situation.

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How much do they cost?

If you shop around you will find a wide variety of prices, but as they say, you get what you pay for! Andrew uses the well respected and tested Nobel Biocare implant system, as well as some of the best technicians in the country to create functional and beautiful restorations. Backed up by our team of hygienists he will ensure you have the care you need throughout the process.

The implant unit itself is £1395, but from planning to completion with a shiny new tooth on top, a typical example of a single lower molar tooth would be about £3000. A front
tooth requiring gum contouring will be in the region of £4000. If you wish to book a consultation with Andrew, either yourself or your dentist can contact his treatment coordinator Jemma Gibbs on 01636 814248.

The cost of the consultation is £150, but this will be taken off the cost of your implant treatment should you wish to go ahead. If an implant is not possible then Andrew will advise you and your dentist on alternative treatment options.






Initial Consultation

The initial consultation appointment will include a full dental examination and with a small x-ray. Both implant and alternative dental treatment options will be discussed, to determine which is the most suitable option for your individual case. If a non implant based solution is preferable then we can arrange this treatment for you at the Minster Dental Centre, or alternatively, Andrew be happy to advise your own dentist on his recommendations.

Example costs per procedure

  • Single molar implant with crown £3000 – £3500
  • Implant in aesthetic zone with crown £4000 – £4500
  • Full Lower denture on 2 implant with balls/ankors £4750
  • Full Upper denture 4-6 implants on bar FROM £12000
  • For multiple implant units first implant £1375
  • Subsequent implants £1125

These cost include a pre and post treatment Hygienist appointment that is vital to the success of any implant based procedure.